FedBucks is a limited company with a not-for-profit ethos, formed by our members in order to develop opportunities to support resilience and sustainability in local general practice. We aim to achieve this through:

  1. The Promotion of Collaborative Working

The FedBucks Membership Division was established in 2018 to work with member practices in developing projects to support general practice in Buckinghamshire. We are currently working with our members on a number of initiatives, including:

  • The utilisation of digital solutions to support patient access
  • The standardisation of key back office processes and documents
  • The provision of platforms to support administrative workload

We have also offered support to our members in the development of the frameworks required to support future service delivery by Primary Care Networks (PCNs) following the release of details around the new GP contract at the beginning of 2019.

  1. Primary Care Service Development

FedBucks manages a diverse portfolio of both planned and unplanned care services across Buckinghamshire. Since April 2018, we have held the contract for the provision of unplanned care services collectively known as Bucks 24/7 (comprising both the GP Out of Hours Service delivered across Buckinghamshire, and the Urgent Treatment Centre based at Wycombe Hospital.)

We also manage a diverse portfolio of community-based Planned Care Services, which include:

Since October 2018, FedBucks has held the contract for the provision of the Enhanced Access service, whereby local GPs are working together to offer patients better access to appointments in general practice in Buckinghamshire.

FedBucks received a CQC inspection in March 2019 across both its planned and unplanned care services. The reports from our latest CQC inspections can be found as follows: