GPs can refer patients to the FedBucks ENT Community Service for:

  • Microsuction for otitis externa
  • Removal of foreign bodies in the ear
  • Cauterising of Littles area
  • Hearing assessment including glue ear (over 16 years)
  • Assessment of tinnitus
  • Nasolaryngoscopy

If you have any queries regarding this service please contact us.

If you have seen your GP and have been referred to the ENT Service please wait five working days from your GP appointment and call 01494 422843 between 13:30 and 17:30 to make an appointment.

For information:

Having a scope at the ENT Clinic

Most patients booked to the ENT clinic will not need a scope.  Those that do require a scope will be told they have been booked for this procedure and receive a link in their appointment confirmation to a set of frequently asked questions and a small video showing the procedure.

What the patients say:

‘First class service’
‘Well explained – thank you’
‘Fabulous -very professional’
‘Wonderful consultation that made sense’

This service is provided at the Millbarn Medical Centre in Beaconsfield.